Straight out of the SoCal music scene and ready for the world.
Pullman Standard is a Power Rock Band based out of North Hollywood, California. What began in the spring of 2008 has matured into the fully realized sound and powerful live show that fans across the U.S. have come to expect. Leading the charge with big dreams and bigger vocals is frontman "Timmy D" . With over 1,500 shows logged across 31 U.S. states since their first independently booked tour in 2011, the band has earned their "road warrior stripes". The band was first recognized for their songwriting skills in 2009, winning the "Your song for San Diego" contest sponsored by San Diego's 91X alt radio with the SoCal flavored song "Our Town". Moving onward and upward taking first place in Intel Computers 2011 Pop category and 2013 Rock category song writing competition on . With the release of their first full length album "Steam Powered Hearts" 2012 was filled with alot of touring. Pullman Standard was selected out of thousands of entrants as finalists in the FORD motors Gimme the Gig competition. With their song "Crazy Love" being acclaimed as "A HIT record" by famed producer Don Was on the television premier of the show. The band continued touring through 2014 releasing the singles "Crazy Love" & "Till Sunrise". The band is also heavily involved with philanthropic work donating their time as well as half of their sales for their songs "Change is What We Are" and "Fifth and Broadway" to cancer research foundation "Love, Hope, Strength", not to mention performing at multiple Rock 'n Roll marathon fundraisers across the country. With more touring scheduled in support of their 2014 E.P. release "Edge of the Clouds" and 2015 single "Cannonball", the band continues to receive a lot of attention while being featured on various fairs and festivals blasting their power ballad "If and When" as well as their single "N.E.O.N." being featured on touch tunes jukeboxes worldwide.

Live...nothing like it.

Full Speed Ahead, always.



Diamond Hearts

Released June 30, 2017

Odds & Ends

Released April 12, 2016

Edge of the Clouds EP

Released Nov 20, 2014

Steam Powered Hearts

Released July 28, 2012

Dance, Fashion, Love EP

Released June 2, 2011

The Midnight Matinee EP

Released September 19, 2010

Diamond Hearts





You've got to experience it.



WINNER - Feb 2015

February 2015
Best Song - Pop Rock

"I really love their style which is a blend of rock, pop, and alternative. They are a hard working band that have been bringing their energetic sets to the scene for some time now, travelling across country with tours and connecting with fans. It is time that this band gets the recognition they deserve for their emotionally driven rock sound."

~ Marisol - Music Junkie Press

"Today being the perfect day for love, Pullman Standard released their new video for their song, “Crazy Love” and I absolutely LOVE IT! The flirty song is the perfect uptempo alternative rock love song that will have you thinking of everything from your first crush, first kiss, first crazy love and everything in between."

~ Marisol - Music Junkie Press

"I didn’t know about the awards or the number of gigs when I first listened. It was the soaring choruses that grabbed me, along with the intelligent lyrics. Not quite arena rock, not quite pop, but definitely addictive, they are the kind of band to you listen to, and then listen to again, and then put them in your top playlist and keep listening because each time you hear something different."

~ Patrick O'Heffernan - Music Friday Blog

"A lot of hard work is required in order to have success and this is what the guys of Pullman Standard are doing."

- Rock Your Lyrics

"Pullman Standard’s sound is simpler than you’d expect, but catchy and anthemic."

~ Patrick Hickey Jr. - Editor-in-Chief, Founder at Review Fix

"Pullman Standard are exactly the kind of band we love to feature on Punk Nation. They work hard, make great music, and are passionate about what they do."

- Punk Nation

"When asked if he thought that the association with Gaga in any way diminished their rock ‘n’ roll street cred, Timmy answered: 'At the end of the day even an artist has bills to pay, so if working with somebody who worked with one of the most successful pop acts of this century so far comes across as un-rock ‘n’ roll then so be it, but I dare anyone to walk a mile in my shoes and not understand that the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll is what I live and breathe.' In the broad, glittering spectrum of pop music, Pullman Standard’s music occupies a space somewhere in between the emotional heart-throb of Matchbox Twenty and the gritty, bombastic glamour of My Chemical Romance."

~ George Clarke - the Vermilion (Lafayette LA)

"Rock duets though have an edge that you just don’t get from any other genre. They are fragile pieces of work that can easily be ruined by a weaker voice or not being skilfully backed by the band. There’s no hint of this in Alley Cat. It could just have that little bit extra in it that helps open up the doors to a wider fanbase for Pullman Standard."

- Amazing Instore UK
Artist of the week feature

10 Things You Didn't Know About Pullman Standard

- Ford Gimme The Gig Interview

"The guys in indie rock band Pullman Standard are pulling beyond day jobs."
- Chip Chandler
Amarillo Globe - News

(March 21, 2012)

"Crazy Love is a hit record."
- Don Was
Producer for Iggy Pop, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan

(August 30, 2012)

“The band is known for their newsies image and hand made vintage props on stage, including an old- school gas street lamp, carnival lights, and wooden painted signs... Their current EP Midnight Matinee, pulls in many influences across the board from Panic! at the Disco, The Smiths and The Doors. An equilibrium of both modern power pop with the essence of classic raw garage sounds.”
- Examiner
(June 14, 2011)
“Pullman Standard exemplifies the resilient and persistent qualities of independent rock bands... Pulling from both rock and pop of all eras, Pullman Standard is able to bring us a truly vintage indie/alternative rock style while maintaining a high quality standard of music.”
- Ford Motors Gimmie The Gig
(April 06, 2012)

“The result being Pullman Standard and with a new E.P being released in February 2014, they continue along the path they have chosen with complete conviction.... This, in our humble opinion, is the mark of a real band.... On Alley Cat, Tru Collins joins Timothy on vocals, creating a dynamic duet that is full of energy. A good duet has the ability transcend genres.”
- Amazing Instore
(October 28, 2013)


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